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Commercial Solar

Solar installation in a commercial setting is an effective way to keep business costs low, hit renewable energy targets and obtain government incentives.

Why Go Solar?

One of the most common reasons businesses go solar is to reduce their electricity bills. By consuming the energy generated by the solar panels, businesses can drastically cut their energy costs and funnel saved money back into other areas of their business.

By going solar you are also protecting against rising energy costs and time-of-use rates.

By transiting to solar energy you are demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. Not only are you saving on energy costs you are also reducing your business’s carbon-footprint and helping to save the planet from climate change.

Clients and customers are increasingly evaluating a business’s “green” credentials before purchasing.

By installing solar panels, you are demonstrating that your business operates responsibly. Similar to your customers, sustainable energy solutions highlight to potential employees and existing team members that your business cares about the community and can think outside of its business model.

Commercial and industrial sites are often eligible for government grants when it comes to the installation of solar panel systems.

For systems that are up to 100kW you are still able to collect Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC).

For systems that are over 100kW you can claim a subsidy called Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC).

For more on available government grants in your area check out this link.

Solar panels have a notoriously low return on investment- riveling even traditional investments like stocks and bonds.

An average commercial solar power system has an ROI upwards of 20%.

The Process


Contact our team to discuss your solar needs.​


Our team will conduct an on-site evaluation and deliver you a quote.


Our team will supply and install your solar panel system.​


Our team can conduct any follow-up maintenance that is involved with the system.

Testimonals from our clients

What We Can Offer

By offering design, customization and solar turn-key options, West State Electrics aims to tailor solar solutions specific to each client’s needs. Here are the solar services West State Electrics can offer you:

Government PPA

Simply put, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is where a solar power company will purchase a solar system for your business and it will sell you the power it generates back to you at a lower rate than what you would have purchased from the grid.

If you’re thinking of installing solar, PPA can be an attractive financing option.

Solar Battery for business

West State Electrics also specialises in large-scale energy storage solutions for both off-grid solar designs and on-grid solar options.

Accredited with a Stand-Alone Power Systems (SPS) license, West State Electrics produce tailored solar and battery bank systems to meet any client’s needs.

Why Choose Us For Commercial Solar

When selecting a solar panel installer, we understand that you need to be confident that you are getting a good deal, quality workmanship, effective products and a long-term maintenance provider.

By choosing West State Electrics for your solar installations you are selecting a business that has an eye for detail, is committed to Workplace Health & Safety and is passionate about providing energy saving solutions across Perth’s commercial and industrial industries.

West State Electrics is here to answer any of your questions, provide you with quotes and offer you effective energy saving solutions for commercial and industrial industries.

Get a complimentary solar quote from West State Electrics and let’s get you saving!

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