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Commercial Solar Panel Installation Specialists

The West State Electrics team are experienced and competent commercial solar panel system installers.

We have the resources, systems and teams to work on a range of commercial projects across Perth metro and regional locations.

Our OH&S policies as well as our Safety & Risk Assessment practices are tried and tested on every commercial and industrial site we visit. For this reason, our providers are at ease with us. They know the West State team can be trusted to get the install done safely and done right the first time.

West State Crew Leaders carry out layout inspections – drawings and on-site – prior to the start of an install. Our inspection process includes any necessary installation recommendations specific to the site.

What size solar panels installs can West State Electric manage?

Examples of installs include;

  • a 20 panel, 5-kilowatt system for a Perth Dental Surgery
  • 2,000 panel, 700 kilowatt system at a Midland Shopping Centre
  • a 1600-kilowatt system at…
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Industrial LED Installation

LED Lighting installation for industrial sites is a specialist service provided by West State Electrics.  Trusted LED Retailers across Perth refer clients to West State for safe, quality LED Lighting installation. For industrial warehouse spaces LED lighting is a cost-effective option and one that is growing in popularity.

Our teams of qualified electricians are experienced with industrial installs including compliance requirements.

For LED lighting installation for industrial sites contact West State Electrics.


We look forward to working with you and your business and assisting you to becoming empowered by the sun!
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Solar panels

Solar energy is by far the most economical way to power your place of business. Our goal is to install enough solar panels to provide ALL of your electricity requirements, as a result, making the electric company your back-up electricity provider. However, your panels are still always connected to the grid, so if it rains for days on end, you will still have power to keep your business going.

LED Lighting

LED lights provide greater efficiency and lower maintenance. Replace your main lighting areas with LED lights and watch how much you save in energy costs and maintenance. Most LED Lights have a rated lifespan of around 50,000 hours, meaning you will be able to replace bulbs less frequently, brighten your spaces, and save money in the process.

Service & Panel Installations

With more and more technology comes a greater need for more outlets and breakers. We can work with you and custom design a solution to bring your building up to date and futureproof it for decades to come.

Integration and Automation

Using our specialised and custom built automation systems, we integrate and automate all your office systems together, making your work spaces work for you with greater efficiency and ease.


Storms and blackouts don’t have to shut you down and leave you in the dark, closing business until the power company shows up. No matter what’s going on outside, our generators keep the power ON so you can continue going about your business reducing precious down time.

Circuit Troubleshooting

When the electrical  wiring, outlets and lighting in your building aren’t working properly, we’ll find the problem fast and get it fixed.

Conference Rooms

Don’t waste time on faulty technology or gathering people from across the globe. We can fully customize your conference rooms with the latest technology. Imagine preparing your conference room for a presentation with a single touch of a button. Lights turn down, shades pulled, audio and video systems on, temperature set. You can then spend your time thinking about what your presenting rather than how to present it.


We can provide hardwired and wireless installations and even provide the equipment required to setup your network system no matter how big or small your work spaces. We’ll have everything connected so your whole staff can work and communicate more efficiently.

Security Systems

Don’t be left unprotected. Our team can fully customize and maintain your camera and security systems so your property is always covered.


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