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Bethanie Age Care (Port Kennedy)

Due to the site being sub-metered, Bethanie Age Care required a system that could be aggregated to the one large network. By installing 510PV solar panels, the age care home could reduce overall running costs of the facility and refocus funds back into the care for their residents.

Perth Airport

With high solar irradiation levels, the Perth Airport is an effective location for solar systems. Supporting Infinite Energy to deliver the installation of a 398kW solar array on Perth’s Airport carpark, the system aims to generate roughly 796.9MWh of electricity per year.

Scotch College

Supporting Infinite Energy to deliver the installation of 1721 PV panels across multiple rooftops of the Scotch College, West State Electrics helped to manage the schools rising electricity costs. Scotch College’s solar investment is estimated to save them $235,000 a year in energy bills.

Victoria Park Medical (96.60kW)
Complete embedded network conversion

Victoria Park Medical has had a solar upgrade of 96.6kw and a complete embedded network conversion. Their commitment to going renewable means the medical facility will have reduced energy bills and a sustainable space for their workers and patients.

Rockingham Aqua Jetty

The Rockingham recreation center’s large-scale solar array is set to reduce their carbon-print by 367 tonnes of CO2 per year. Powering a range of aquatic pools, fitness centers and health facilities the solar installations organised by Infinite Energy were developed to reduce the Aqua Jetty’s overheads.

One Brighton
LED Upgrade

One Brighton’s recent LED upgrade is estimated to have saved them $12,300 in electricity bills per annum. By switching their 24hour emergency stairwells and carpark to energy saving LEDs, One Brighton has lowered their over-head costs and decreased their carbon footprint.

Bethanie Age Care (Eaton)

The Eaton Bethanie Age Care facility has made the most of its beachside sunshine by installing a 229.90kw solar system. It’s commitment for renewable energy creates a more environmental facility for their residents to enjoy.

Blue Scope Steel
LED project - 183 x High-bays

By switching to LED lighting, Blue Scope Steel aims to reduce their overhead electricity bills, improve their energy sustainability and create effective lighting conditions for their warehouse personnel.

Hale Senior High School

Supporting Infinite Energy to deliver the installation of The Hale Senior High Schools transition to solar power has not only decreased their overall carbon foot-print but also decreased their reliance on the grid. With a commitment to a more renewable school, Hale Senior High School has become a leader in sustainability.

66 Kings Park Road

This 5-level high rise required the West State Electrics specialist expertise to safely complete the 40kW solar install by Infinite Energy. The switch to solar, aims to reduce the overall energy costs of these office spaces.

Midland Shopping Centre

Midland Shopping Centre’s large-scale solar installation aims to reduce overall energy costs of the center’s day-time operations. Their commitment to renewable energy fast-tracks the centers long term sustainability mission.

Eagles Training Facility

By supporting Infinite Energy to deliver renewable projects for the West Coast Eagles, West State Electrics installed enough solar power to run the day-time maintenance of the training facility. The installation saves the West Coast Eagles 369 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Sigma Pharmaceuticals

As part of Sigma Pharmaceutical’s major construction program in Canning Vale, the project supports a number of environmental design features including solar power. The installation of a 250.8kW (912 Panels) solar system contributes to the sustainability of the communities in which Sigma Pharmaceuticals operates.

Dunsborough Shopping Centre

Covering three double-parking bays the Dunsborough Shopping Center parking solar array is the largest solar system in the Dunsborough precinct. The operation by Infinite Energy is estimated to cover all of the energy needs of the shopping center during the day- significantly reducing the centers energy bills.


As leaders in renewable energy, IBM have committed to a 183kW solar installation to help reduce electricity costs and lower their carbon-foot print. Supporting Infinite Energy to deliver a quality solar system, West State Electrics ensured IMB could meet its sustainability goals.

St Thomas More College

Facility extensions promoted the St Thomas More College to reconsider their electricity options. By supporting Infinite Energy’s installation of a 100kW solar system, West State Electrics is estimated to save the College $667,000 in electricity bills.

Coca Cola Amital

With the installation of over 2,000 solar panels the Coca Cola Amital in Kewdale received a solar face lift. Supporting Infinite Energy to deliver the panels, West State Electrics install was large enough to cover 42 average suburban blocks- reducing their reliance on the grid by 14%.

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